“The idea for a luxury focused series “winked” at me again and again over the years, almost like a flirtatious beau whose image simply does not leave your mind’s eye quickly. Now I am “happily married” to Platinum Eye, the core concept, my development team and to the amazing subjects we are covering. So inspiring and visionary!”

Platinum Eye is a way of presenting experience filtered for pleasure, curated for elegance and designed for participation by discreet travelers and bon rivers. The new Platinum Eye television series on FYI, covers the world of fashion travel, culture and the arts at the highest level and presenting content of curated luxury.


About Carole

Platinum Eye is a “natural” for its Producer, Carole Haarmann Acunto, who has enjoyed a rather glamorous career as a leader in the corporate, non profit and charitable spheres.  

Professionally, as a Partner in CINN Group, Inc. a family owned company with holdings in insurance, publishing, and entertainment, she has served as the group’s CFO since its consolidation in 1988.